Mark Grim sitting with guitar

Mark Grim

  • singer
  • guitarist
  • songwriter

Twin Cities area

Vocals and guitar

Coffee shops, Cafes, Bars and Parties


"Are you always this brilliant?"-Sally Barris, Nashville songwriter, upon first hearing "Late Night", a song in the works.

"That song is stunning!"- David Hanner, journalist, retired, upon first hearing of "I Still Can't See".

"Agressively wry" sense of humor- Tampa Spatz, Ragtime and blues pianist

“Some songs old, some songs new, some songs country, some songs blue” is how singer, guitarist Mark Grim describes what he sings.

With a voice that brings to mind Gordon Lightfoot, he artfully picks and strums on his twelve-minus six- string guitar through songs ranging from the Beatles’ “Blackbird” to Warren Zevon’s “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me”.

His own songs “I Still Can’t See”, “Me and My Tattoo” and “Easy Money” will give you cause to reflect, as well as laugh, at the real life characters that are portrayed.

Mark Grim standing